Shells in Black and White

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Unisex black socks with a white shell pattern, this sock travels from work to dinner and anywhere in between. These are available in both a crew length and an over-the-calf length. This unique pattern was inspired by the Japanese seigaha motif, used to denote water and waves, and found on both textiles and tiles.  


  • made of moisture wicking yarn
  • true seamless toe
  • medium graduated compression (15 - 20 mmHg)
  • dense micro-terry throughout the foot to protect and cushion, going to just above the Achilles heel to protect where shoes most frequently rub against skin
  • patterning woven to be smooth on the inside and outside of the sock, with no float threads that can snag or irritate 
  • made and sourced entirely in the USA

Sizing Information: Medium (women 6 - 10, men 5 - 7); Large (women 10 - 13, men 8 - 12)

Sizing and length advice: Because our socks have a lot of elastic in them, they are able to fit a wide range of feet and legs. We recommend the crew length for casual wearers, and the over-the-calf length for those who are looking for compression because they stand all day or are traveling on long flights. Those with larger calves may also feel more comfortable in the over-the-calf. If you have questions on sizing and fit, please do write to us at We are happy to answer all of your questions. 

If you are interested in a wide-calf or other sizing options, please do send us an email at Some new sizes are currently in development, but we are very interested in understanding your needs better.   

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